3XY Top 40 Live

3XY is a show based around the proverbial radio cliché ‘Hit and Memories’ and delivered with a smorgasbord of components. There are five main parts to the formula. The band, the right songs, the radio announcer, the radio jingles and ads of the era.

The show’s MC  John Peters was one of the star radio announcers of 3XY in its heyday as a Top 40 station, and brings authenticity to the show linking the live songs with his pre-announce, back-announce intros and outros.

The songs are all chosen from the exact week 40 years ago and the performers chosen to fit the song. This Sunday 7 March will see a host of some of Melbourne’s best performers hitting the MEMO stage to delight our live audience with Top 40 hits from the week of 7 March 1981!

Who will the performers be, you ask? We won’t keep you in suspense!

Brian Mannix

Nick Barker

Bernard Curry

Scott Darlow

Eugene Hamilton

Nina Ferro

George Wilson

Janine Maunder


All backed by the 3XY ALL-STARS Band which includes: Chris Paraha – Bass and Music Director , Simon Hosford – Guitar , Gerry Pantazis – Drums and Nik Pringadi – Keyboards, Nina Ferro – Backing Vocals, Janine Maunder- Backing Vocals.

Sunday 7 March 2021.

Digital Doors 3:30pm | Show 4:00pm (AEST